What are the new merged tdoa changes?

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What are the new merged tdoa changes?

Post by IDaniele » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:35 pm

Hi, I don't understand exactly what are the changes of the new tdoa in the master compared to the experimental tdoa2.
I'm not referring to the changes related to the system but to those specific to the tdoa algorithm.

In rxcallback() and calcClockCorrection() I can't see major changes regarding this point.
Is there something I missed?

Also, does the LPS node still use the same firmware?

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Re: What are the new merged tdoa changes?

Post by arnaud » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:10 am

We are currently merging TDoA2 to become the one and only TDoA algorithm so what we just merged is TDoA2. We try to make sure to keep all the master branches in sync so if you run the master branch both for the Crazyflie and for the LPS node it will work.

If you have a recent TDoA2 firmware in your nodes you can run it with the master of the firmware, the master of the firmware is using the TDoA2 protocol now.

As a heads-up we still have at least one change on the nodes before we are done with the TDoA release, we are about to make the mode switchable from the radio (so that you can switch your system in TDoA and TWR mode without climbing around), then we will most likely tag and release a new node firmware.

Also I pushed an auto-mode-switch yesterday, so you should be able to compile the Crazyflie with an empty config.mk and it will automatically detect the mode of your anchors :-).

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