can i use only use lps x y

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can i use only use lps x y

Post by arix »

i find my lps axe z is so unprecise . can i only use X Y to fly and the z use Altitude Hold Mode ?? thank you !
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Re: can i use only use lps x y

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Do you mean that altitude hold actually gives a better Z stability than the LPS with position setpoint? How are your anchor setups?

The altitude hold mode when no deck is installed is using the pressure sensor and a different estimator than when using the LPS. The LPS estimator, the Kalman filter, is not using the pressure sensor. It is a pretty simple change to enable it (might need some tuning), though when we developed the Kalman filter for LPS we found that the pressure reading where not helping.

You could try to change or balance your propeller: most of the Z inaccuracy usually come from vibration corrupting the accelerometer Z measurements, most of the vibrations usually come from badly balanced propellers.
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