LPS node TX problem

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LPS node TX problem

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HI there!
I have a LPS TX issue.
i use 6 LPS nodes as TDOA2 mode.
But some of that, they don't often give data.
i mean it didn't light up the TX led.
When LPS node operate well, we can watch the 4 led lights(RXOK, SFD, RX, TX).
But Some LPS nodes the led was often off...... and i don't know why....
Is it sensor problem? should i change the sensor as a new one?
plz help....
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Re: LPS node TX problem

Post by kristoffer »


In TDoA2 anchor 0 is the master anchor that the other anchors synchronize to. If the other anchors do not receive anchor 0 they will not know when their time slot is so they will not transmit. I suspect that your anchors may be too far away from anchor 0 and that is why you get this problem.
You can verify by moving the "silent" anchor(s) closer to anchor 0 and check that it starts to transmit.

The long term solution is to increase the TX power of the anchors, see viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4731 to cover a larger flight space.

You may also be interested in switching to TDoA3 that does not use one single anchors for synchronization and is more robust from that point of view.
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