the accuracy about the loco positioning system

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the accuracy about the loco positioning system

Post by liuyuzhen » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:05 am


I aim to achieve multiple crazyflies formation task with the loco positioning system,but I see the system only has an accuracy in the 10 cm range.Is this accuracy too low? The vicon could have a accuracy in the 1mm range.
Another question is taht I don't know how to use the crazyflie-lib-python.I see the firmware code is C. Should i call crazyflie-python-lib with C?
Please give me some advice.
Thank you!

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Re: the accuracy about the loco positioning system

Post by arnaud » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:39 am

The 10cm are absolute ranging precision as specified by the UWB radio chip manufacturer. We have see a bit better precision than that, mostly in X-Y, using two way ranging. For flying Crazyflies in formation the TDoA mode is required but it is still considered experimental. You will have to see with your application what precision you need, for sure LPS will be less accurate than a motion capture system like Vicon, you have to find out what is the requirement for your application.

Crazyflie firmware is written in C, this code runs in the Crazyflie itself. The crazyflie python lib is written in Python and is running on the PC side, if you use it you will use it from a python program. There is also a ROS driver and the Crazyswarm project ( that can be used to fly a swarm of Crazyflies.

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