Crazyflie Contract Developer

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Crazyflie Contract Developer

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need a skilled engineer to assist with a development project for a product based on crazyflie 2.0. the right person shall be creative and have the range of skills needed to bring the product from a well described idea to a prototype that can be the basis of a production run. The right person shall be comfortable with the range of technologies associated with the crazyflie copter. I will need to have solid references and a comprehensive document detaining successful prior projects. This is not a full time project as it is self financed at this stage but that could change in the near future. If you are interested, i will need to know your rates and terms also the right person will have to sign an NDA. I am based in the USA but I am willing to work with skilled people from around the world as long as you have solid internet and a means to do video conferences.
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Re: Crazyflie Contract Developer

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please dont clutter the board up with the same post on multiple sections, good luck on your search
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