shipping cost!!!

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shipping cost!!!

Post by Supr3m3 »

I was about to order spareparts to my crazyflie 2.0..
BUT... The shipping cost was $40 for parts to a cost of $5!!! Wtf?! Anyone knows some other way to get parts? I live in sweden..

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Re: shipping cost!!!

Post by chad »

There might some distributors closer by with cheaper shipping. Check the distributors list here. I'm in the US but I found a couple with mounts and motors and reasonable shipping prices. I bought all the mounts they had because I'm a Crazycrasher more often then a Crazyflier. ;)
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Re: shipping cost!!!

Post by Greensprings »

I noticed this too! i started to quit my order, then the option to use USPS showed up for like $8 so i went with that, a little slower but alot cheaper

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Re: shipping cost!!!

Post by Grzyby15 »

I had the same problem. I found distributors close to my location:)

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