6+ Propellers/fans - Low-level control

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6+ Propellers/fans - Low-level control

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I'm currently working with a Crazyflie Bolt to control 4 four fans for a research project using blimps. We already achieved a low level control for each of the 4 fans by modifying the firmware of the Bolt while being controlled with a Python script in charge of the Sliding-Mode Control.

Now we wish to include two more fans to obtain a fully controlled blimp (6 DOF - 6 Fans).

We were thinking about working with two Bolts at the same time and divide the fans between them, but we'are evaluating different strategies for this.

Is it possible to control two more fans with a single Bolt?
If this is not possible, is it preferred to use two Bolts, or a different hardware in the middle?

If you think about any other possible consideration, they will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: 6+ Propellers/fans - Low-level control

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A bolt-blimp sounds interesting!

If you are only after a output signal you should be able to have more then 4 but the driver is currently not designed for it. It would have to be expanded to output 6 signals which requires adding/changing some code in motors.c. You would also have to add a new power_distribution or alter power_distribution_stock.c

The BigQuad-deck uses the deck expansion port to output the motor signals so you could use any of these pins. Check motors_def_cf2.c
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