The Room about PIC18F4431 Is Not Enough

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The Room about PIC18F4431 Is Not Enough

Postby mome » Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:10 am

Recently,I am involved in a project about controlling LED with two colors by PWM. I am newbie ! What I do is use the stupidest way. But I still met some troubles.
The corresponding data was arranged by array, but there is a problem that the array is so big and it over room of PIC18F4431. (this one: )As a result,the compiling can’t pass.I am so upset and then suddenly I found a program which add a keyword--rom when defining array. I tried it and the compiling pass!
Next,I found something useful about "rom" from internet, But I drew a blank.Does anyone here can help me to explain it?
Thanks in advance.

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