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Calvin Chua
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Data Logging

Post by Calvin Chua »

Hi all, from this webpage, it shows that yaw, pitch, roll and thrust can be logged from crazyflie. ... /logparam/
However, is it possible to log the velocity or acceleration value from the crazyflie. Or in short, is there a list of parameters that can be logged from it and the group that it belongs to?

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Re: Data Logging

Post by kimberly »

Yes it is possible.

These are the logs for velocity:
  • In global coordinates: stateEstimate.vx,vy,vz (found in stabilizer.c)
  • In body coordinates: stateEstimate.statePX,statePY,statePZ (found in estimator_kalman.c)

And for acceleration you can either go,ay,az
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