usage of Node like range estimator

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usage of Node like range estimator

Post by Davidefinocchi »

i'm developing an algorithm of collision avoidance by using of transceiver with UWB. I'm thinking to use a crazyflie 2.0 cause I already have some experience with it.
My question is, is it possible to use only one node? I haven't interest on perfect position in the space of the drone but only on the distance between drone and node.
Is it possible this kind of use ?

I know that i can make an autonomous flight without LPS, so i want to use the deck and one node only to have a range estimate between each other.

I just developed it in a simulation by V-Rep, if you want i can make a video of simulation to have some more idea.

thank you, best regard
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Re: usage of Node like range estimator

Post by kristoffer »

Yes you can. If you use a LPS Anchor, the two way ranging mode will almost work out of the box for what you want to do.
All you need to do is to modify the code here ... #L253-L262
This is where the range has been calculated and is sent to the estimator, in your case you want to do something else here.

It would also be technically possible to do ranging between two crazyflies if you want to, but that would require you to implement tha anchor side of the TWR algorithm in one of them.
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