stability of landing

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stability of landing

Post by RyanMco »

Hi guys,
my bitcraze drone is flying well and all is fine by python script, but once it needs to land there's sometimes something weird happen, it's landing well but sometimes while my drone is landing it's like having drift left or drift right and then it will continue landing after drift .. what's confusing me why there's a drift while my drone is landing? what could be a problem?
for instance we said that before my drone taking off sometimes it have a drift because it's a long time in ground .. but now my drone isn't on the ground, it's landing from air and sometimes I still having a drift (lil drift left or right - anyone can notice that .. ) .. why?
thanks alot
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Re: stability of landing

Post by kimberly »

We need a bit more information to determine which problem you are having.
  • Which positioning system are you using
  • When is the drift happening? during the entire landing or only at the very end?
  • For landing, which python function are you using and please show that part of the code here
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