tello vs crazyflie

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tello vs crazyflie

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Can anyone tell me what is the difference between these two and which is better overall?
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Re: tello vs crazyflie

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Good question. The DJI Tello is definitely a great platform that has great specs than the Crazyflie: longer flight time, battery life, embedded camera etc.. But for the question of which is better, that is a more difficult one since it really depends of what you want to do with it. From a developer point of view, the SDK that DJI provides can already provide some basic control of the Tello which enables some autonomy. However if you would like to change the SDK or have direct access to the sensor data and image data, that will not be possible. That is why some researchers or developers do prefer the crazyflie due to the complete opensource firmware that we provide and better community support.

So it really depends what your goal is:) but maybe others in this forum that has experience with both and can shed some light on it?
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