flow sensor lens incosistnecy

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flow sensor lens incosistnecy

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I ordered flow decks V2 few times, sometimes they arrive with transparent lens on the outside and sometimes it's like pinhole (maybe the lens is inside)
the product photo on the website looks like the "pinhole" version. I prefer the version with lens outside .

how can I know which version I will receive on the next order, and can I specifically request this or the other?

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Re: flow sensor lens incosistnecy

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That I would say is a mistake from us (Bitcraze). The new lens should probably have had a new SKU but we were told the new lens was a drop in replacement for the old one... The good news is that the version with the bigger lens (lens sticking out) is the new one current in production and if you order from bitcraze shop you will be sure to get the lens sticking out.

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