Info about tatami carpet for flying drones

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Info about tatami carpet for flying drones

Post by giandoman »

I have some questions:
  • i'm building a protected cage in order to fly my crazyflies safely. I have to buy a tatami carpet to make crazyflie fly also with the flowdeck (not only loco position system).
    Do you have any suggestion on wich color and pattern help the flowdeck to perform better?
  • In the client, in logging configuration setting, i have a list of all the variables that my crazyflie is able to log by deafult. Is there a documentation regarding what do that variables are, unit measurements and so on? or i should figure them out from the firmware code?
  • In the client, in the parameters tab, i have a list of parameters that i can change online but they reset when i restart my drone. Is there a documentation also for that? For example i have a lot of PID parameters and many of them are clear but not all
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Re: Info about tatami carpet for flying drones

Post by kimberly »

Hi Gianni,

Let me try to answer your questions to the best of my capability.
  • For the floor, don't go for black or dark colors, and do not go for reflective surface. Apparently a children's play rug is the absolute best, but at my previous lab we used artificial grass which works just fine (just beware of the static thought!). My guess is that tatami would work just fine, but it might not be the most economical option
  • There is not a list of variables that we are aware of... but it would be a good thing to add so we will keep it in mind. For now indeed
    you would need to figure it out in the firmware, but please use the forum if you are not sure about some of them
  • Yes indeed, it resets and it suppose to do that for now. There is no separate memory for the parameter in specific, like we have for the radio, but this is on our list of future functionalities. You would need to change the default value of the parameters in the crazyflie-firmware if you want the value to be different at start-up. Unfortunately, as with the log-values, you would need to infer their meaning from the firmware. In the wiki: ... to_control explains a bit about the control loops
Hope it helps! We are planning to improve the documentation soon, so we will use this as input as well.

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