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Camera setup

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I need to setup a camera and link it to my computer on CF 2 I can't find any good resources about that I'm just going to use the camera to read bar codes and not for positioning

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Re: Camera setup

Post by arnaud »

One way to go would be to setup an FPV camera on the Crazyflie and a video digitiser connected to the FPV receiver on your PC. This way you would receive real time video from the Crazyflie and could do image processing directly the PC using openCV or other lib of your liking. Setting up an FPV camera on the crazyflie has been documented by fred from the community a while ago: ... tup-d2fc25.

The advantage of an FPV setup is that it is already documented and you get real time image on a PC which makes it easy to develop with, the drawback is that the image might be noisy.

A digital camera with onboard processing could be better but there is no ready-to-use solution available for it yet. We are working on one (see today's blog post, we are working on making this deck available and it should have enough power to decode barcode), but we are not sure of when it will be available yet.

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