Seeking used CF/Flow/Loco for sale in USA

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Seeking used CF/Flow/Loco for sale in USA

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Hi, I'm a software engineer in Cleveland, Ohio, USA - new to the Crazyflie world. Everything I've read and seen on youtube looks incredible! I'm interested in working with some simple collision avoidance experiments and maybe a little acrobatics with my kids (basic STEM stuff). I intend to place an order for new equipment directly with Bitcraze eventually, but I'd like to play around with a little bit of used equipment first if I can.

Is anyone in the US thinking of selling their used equipment from past research projects etc? I checked eBay but there's not much there. I'm interested in CF 2.0, flow deck, LED ring, and I guess also Loco equipment if anyone has that gathering dust. Reply here or PM me. Thanks!

(And thanks to Arnaud and Tobias and the rest of the Bitcraze team for a really amazing platform, plus great technical support here in this forum!)
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