PS3 Controller Bluetooth

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PS3 Controller Bluetooth

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Hi guys,

I found a little tutorial for Ubuntu 12.10 and 13. (
1) Open a terminal.
2) You need to add a repository in your Ubuntu:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:falk-t-j/qtsixa
3) Then update:
sudo apt-get update
4) Installing:
sudo apt-get install sixad
5) Plug your controller in the USB cable and in the computer, and them run:
sudo sixpair
6) Unplug your controller and run:
sixad --start
7) In a moment, will be asked to press the PS Button.
sixad --start
D-Bus setup failed: Name already in use
sixad-bin[3901]: started
sixad-bin[3901]: sixad started, press the PS button now
sixad-sixaxis[3908]: started
sixad-sixaxis[3908]: Connected 'PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX)' [Battery 05]

I tested and working fine.

In the page there is more instructions and issues.

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