Camera setup and openCV

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Camera setup and openCV

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Hi, has anyone got a working system that can send the video feed from their Crazyflie camera to OpenCV on their laptop? If not; be really good to start a thread so we can make this happen
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Re: Camera setup and openCV

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I do not have a working system but I know that a couple of people got it working with analog camera: Ex. Oliver Dunkley, the hardware used is described in the master thesis.

This video is quite old now so it would be interesting to know what can be done nowadays, for instance with the popularity of FPV flying there exists FPV receiver that are integrated with USB capture.
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Re: Camera setup and openCV

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Hey guys,

This is my first comment on this forum so bare with me if I'm responding in the wrong area.
I'm currently working on a project with two other guys where we are designing a board with a TI WiFi microcontroller and a digital camera that streams the camera's data over WiFi.

We are currently able to stream JPEGs (not quiet a video :P) at ~3FPS and we're pushing to see whether we can speed it up. The board streams the images out of the TI chip over UDP and any host computer can pick up the data and read it in with OpenCV. That's actually what we're currently doing. Currently the limiting factor seems to be the microcontroller we are using.

The board actually fits directly onto the Crazyflie 2.0 platform and isn't terribly heavy. It's about 1.5" x 1" in size.

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