[SOLVED] How to glue shock absorbers and al.

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[SOLVED] How to glue shock absorbers and al.

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Hi *
In a former post, I indicated that I used epoxy glue to install shock absorbers on a Crazyflie. But it is not perfect and fixation failed after a time.
Lucky that I found another method. I now use a contact glue. Begin the process by scraping the external face of the motor support with sand paper and clean it with alcohol. Then read and exactly apply instruction leaflet: put glue on the two parts, then wait half an hour, then press the two parts firmly together during a few seconds. It's done. This the glue:
(I have no more precise indication).
Glue should be put on all the side of the motor support external face, including the thin feet in the lower part of the support.

The first pic also shows a way to repair battery connection broken at the level of the breadboard.

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