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Re: Flow deck suggestions

Post by arnaud » Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:14 pm

Hi, I do not think it is a problem of parameter, it is likely a more fundamental problem. Though do not understand exactly what is happening I only have assumption:

The difference between the hover command and the high level commander example is that the hover setpoint is controlling X/Y velocity while the high level commander example enables Position control for takeoff.

My assumption is that the flow sensor exhibit high noise during takeoff, the position controller over-compensate, which adds noise and generates the very shaky takeoff. The velocity controller seems to be a bit more immune to the take-off noise.

One solution might be to use a velocity-controlled takeoff sequence (maybe the high-level controller takeoff command is velocity controlled?), and then when takeoff is done, switch to position control with a setpoint close to the current estimate. This should allow stable takeoff and flight with the flow deck, though I am not sure it is currently achievable with the Mellinger controller.

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