Open Source project : OSC server and Unity3D client

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Open Source project : OSC server and Unity3D client

Post by 4rzael » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:52 am


I post here to present the work I did for some time, hoping it may be useful for someone :

What is it ?

An OSC server to control crazyflies, and a Unity3d client to this server, giving an interface, and scripting abilites



What is OSC ?

OSC (Open Sound Control) is a protocol, based on UDP, used by a lot of digital artists.

It is used as a replacement for midi, but also to transfer data between two computers/programs, such as video streams, user inputs, etc...

Why use Osc ?

A lot of artists could use crazyflies fairly easily by having an OSC server instead of a ROS or python API.

My work :

I created an OSC server, using the python crazyflie API.

It supports :
  • Drone connection
  • LPS anchors (TdoA mode)
  • Log system
  • Param system
You can find the project here :

And the OSC documentation here :



What is Unity3d ?

Unity3d is a free game engine, used by a lot of independent creators.

Given the number of tools it provides, it is now used for a lot of applications, such as :
  • game development
  • research
  • augmented reality apps
  • interfaces
  • digital art
  • ...

Why use Unity3d ?

Unity3d is used by a lot of people, and is free and cross platform.

It also gives a cool 3d interface, has support for many input systems, and fantastic scripting abilities.

My work :

I create some scripts, allowing to control crazyflies as standard Unity GameObjects, using my OSC server.

It supports :
  • LPS positioning
  • Multi-drone control
  • Log and parameters handling
It also have scripts for :
  • LPS anchor identifying
  • Led ring decks
You can find the project here :

And the documentation here :


More information :

* This project is in a stage we could consider "alpha". You may encounter bugs/problems in the current state.

* If you have any questions, create an issue on github

* If you would like to contribute, create a fork, and make a pull request.

* If you would like to maintain the project (as I cannot work on it anymore : I don't have neither drones nor time), contact me by mail at :)

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Re: Open Source project : OSC server and Unity3D client

Post by tobias » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:37 pm

This is great!

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