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Re: Controller modding

Post by leland » Thu May 23, 2013 7:44 pm

Hello, have very much enjoying the first week with the CF 10DOF (Macbook Air 10.8.3, Sony PS3 bluetooth controller, PS3_Mode_1) --> :-D

Rich's suggestion to add a 'deadzone' in was very helpful, esp. for a novice with the PS3 controller in reducing the noise in throttle motion.

Before seeing that hint I had experimented in the config file (PS3_Mode_1.jason) with remapping yaw to the L1 (-) and R1 (+) or L1 (-) and L2 (+) keys, but clicking them only gives +/- the max value set for yaw (e.g., +/- 200), with no values in between, and no return to 0, so not very practical/useful.

If anyone knows how to enable a controller button with a continuous range of values (i.e., each click increments the value rather than going full scale) I would be interested in knowing how.

Many thanx to all at Bitcraze, a great start to the summer!

Cheers, Leland

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Re: Controller modding

Post by marcus » Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:51 pm

allynbauer wrote:I have been working on a variety of enhancements mostly in the form of more advanced config settings for axises. This allows enabling a deadband for each. I will make a pull request on the bitbucket repo when it is ready.
Looks great! This would be a really nice feature :D

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