Crazyflie escaping with PS3 Controller

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Crazyflie escaping with PS3 Controller

Post by phiamo » Wed May 08, 2013 12:12 pm

Hi Folks,
very nice work super funny baby you built!

Just having a little big issue:
When controlling the flie via PS3 Controller (sixad ubuntu and cfclient newest hg, as well as recent firmware flashed on the flie) i have the prob that sometimes (i think when PS3 controller gets too far out of range from the laptop) the flie just increases thrust to max and escapes, luckyly i found it the lasttwo times even the last time it was around 100 meters away and in a neighbours garden :)

The other difference i see from an xbox controller which i had first is, that with the xbox controller thrust never gets below 30 or smth, and i need to use the killswitch if the flie drops.
With the PS3 controller after connecting everything i need at least to move the throttle a bit to get the rotors on.

Is there a known prob for escaping flies?
And if you plan another revision, please add a beeper that tells where the fly is (i think that will be my first mod now, that the beeper starts making a sound if the fly was connected and looses connection to the cfclient app ;)

Thanks a lot for this great "toy" :)

Cheers Phil

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Re: Crazyflie escaping with PS3 Controller

Post by marcus » Wed May 08, 2013 2:32 pm

Hi Phil,

Yes, there's a bug that we have reported here that details this problem. It's not yet fixed but we will prioritize it and try to fix it this week.

A beeper would be a nice mod, we have also had the problem with loosing a Crazyflie outside when flying :cry: And after 2 minutes of inactivity on the radio the Crazyflie will power off so then it's not possible to use the radio coverage to locate it. The moral of the story, be careful when flying outside!

Could it be that your Xbox 360 controller never goes to 0 on the throttle axis? You should be able to force the thrust to 0 by pulling the axis "down" instead of "up".


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