How to control the PWM signal of the motor directly?

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How to control the PWM signal of the motor directly?

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Hello, I am trying to find a more accurate relation between PWM and thrust, so I build a thrust stand to implement that. Right now I want to collect the datasets about different desired pwms and corresponding thrust data so that I can use polynomial fitting to find the relation, but the problem is that

Q1: how should I generate the desired pwm signals?

Q2: Is there a python interface function so that I can send the desired pwm command on the high-level computer? or I have to write the corresponding code in STM32 in low-level computer?

Q3: Another way I want to try is I want use a arduino(as micro controller) and a motor driver to generate the PWM command and drive the motor, but I don't know what kind of motor driver that I need to use?(I used the L298N a lot ... 8191&psc=1, but the drive voltage should be around 5V-35V, which is higher than rated voltage of motor in crazyflie), could you tell me what kind of motor driver that is used on crazyflie 2.1?
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Re: How to control the PWM signal of the motor directly?

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You could use parameters to set these and they are called motorPowerSet.

You can do this from python. Use the system-id branch as inspiration and this script. The dev-systemId branch has changed the code though so that if motorPowerSet.enable == 2 then motorPowerSet.m1 is set for all motors which might be desirable to have them all change value at the same time. See this file.

You don't need to do this, it would just become messy.
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