Optical flow deck in Crazyflie_ros

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Optical flow deck in Crazyflie_ros

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I have been using Crazyflie in ROS environment following the crazyflie_ros project (https://github.com/whoenig/crazyflie_ros).

Recently, I purchased an optic flow deck from bitcraze and tested it with the cfclient.

I wonder if I can communicate with Crazyflie and tell it to use the Optical flow sensor reading to stabilize itself in ROS environment?
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Re: Optical flow deck in Crazyflie_ros

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We are not experts on the Crazyflie ROS environment, so any ROS specific questions you will have to ask there! For more information about the flowdeck please look here: https://www.bitcraze.io/products/flow-deck-v2/

As far as I know all parameters and logging variables should be available in the ROS environment as well(?).
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