Commander vs Generic Setpoint

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Commander vs Generic Setpoint

Post by rakimo »

Hi, I'm a novice so please excuse the dumb question.

I have been reading through the documentation and am slightly confused as to the difference between the commander port and the generic setpoint port. I think I understand that the generic setpoint port receives different setpoint formats based on the different use cases which are decoded by the commander. But the commander port receives setpoints too does it not? Why a separate port? Or am I confused as to what the commander port is for?

If someone could explain things for me I would be appreciative.

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Re: Commander vs Generic Setpoint

Post by kimberly »


No worries :) everybody has to start somewhere right, and your question is not dumb at all.

I guess your misunderstanding is on terms is maybe what the terms actually mean and on which level they are. The commander framework is more of the general term of sending setpoints of any kind, and the generic one is a part of it. So it goes like this

Commander ports (see src/modules/src/crtp_commander.c in the crazyflie-firmware repo)
  • Generic (setpoints in position or velocity)
  • RPYT (setpoints in attitude: roll pitch yaw trust
There is also something called the high level commander, however that is eventually using the generic commander (position and setpoints) in between as well.

Could you also let us know which documentation you were looking at? Maybe we can improve the readability of those.
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