Long time connecting mulptiple drones

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Long time connecting mulptiple drones

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Heeya Bitcraze,

I've been flying your drones for quite a while and having great fun.
Im currently working on a show that has 9 drones in it, and im noticing that the more drones are in a show the longer it takes to connect to them.
For my 9 drones its takes about 3 minutes to connect, download the parameters and get a position. This is not a problem by itself but when one CF has a problem with its position we will need to run the entire sequence again (and sometimes even a third or forth time). As you can see we are losing more than 15 minutes if that happends...
Is this something you have experienced yourself?

Im running high-level commander scripts, on a single radio (2M bitrate, default channel), using the VM.

I would be helped very much if either the delay on reconnecting would be smaller or we could reconnect to individual drones.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Long time connecting mulptiple drones

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I will try to help by throwing back some questions :)
  • Have you tried different channels before? There is a radio test that you can try out (make sure to read the instructions in the comments), or you can use a spectral analyzer
  • Are you currently using only 1 crazyradio PA? You can also try to connect more if you can, which might speed things up a little. You can change the radio number: radio://0/80/2M/E7E7E7E7E7 to 1 and 2. It is also good practice to put the groups in a different channel.
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