Controlling motor

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Controlling motor

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Hi guys what's up?
I'm working to make my motors of my crazyflie to round opposite when there's a minus signal from the crazyflie smartphone application and when there's + then the motors will rounds to the other direction(general one), so I'm working on hardware to make the hardware be able to round to the opposite direction when there's a minus signal from the crazyflie smartphone application, I'm about two weeks working on its hardware and bought much hardware stuff to setup on my crazyflie hardware in order to make motors round on the opposite direction once there's minus signal ... any help please how can I hardware do that? any suggestion? I used transistor as an input to my signal(+/-) but it didn't work ... any help or suggestion guys?

thanks alot!
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Re: Controlling motor

Post by tobias »

Do I understand you correctly that you would like to control the brushed motors both CW and CCW? Please explain what you mean by "crazyflie to round opposite"
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