CrazyRadio PA Current draw

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CrazyRadio PA Current draw

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Hi, I would like to understand the electrical side of the crazyradio a little bit more.

How much current would be expected to draw whilst controlling a CF2?

Would this change as distance from CR increases?

Would this change depending on radio band?

Is there any benefit from using a powered usb hub?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: CrazyRadio PA Current draw

Post by arnaud »

Hi Cab,

I just did a quick test of the current consumption for Crazyradio:
- 148mA in continuous carrier mode at +20dBm (test mode when the radio is transmitting all the time, to be considered as worst case)
- about 20-25mA when connected to Crazylie 2.0 at +20dBm
- 70mA max During connection (when fetching a lot of data from the copter) at +20dBm
- 41mA in continuous carrier mode a minimum output power (-18dBm before the PA, 3dBm measured after the PA)

The power consumption is independent of the Crazyflie 2 distance but it is possible to set the output power by software and to get reception power of the Crazyflie 2 (RSSI) so with some software it would be possible to consume less when the Crazyflie 2 is close.

The power consumption is independent from the radio channel.

We have not seen any probleme running from non-powered hub, though in theory 148mA might be too much for some USB powered hub.


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