Only M2 light was on

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Only M2 light was on

Post by Barry »

Dear all,

I am using crazyflie bolt. After I connected the ESC -> ESC connector -> crazyflie bolt then I powered the crazyflie bolt with a 12v battery.

I measured the voltage from ESC, but accidentally I short the ESC module and then the lights of crazyflie bolt are all turned off.

After I push the button on the crazyflie bolt agaion. It only showed the M2 led light. As I shown below:

Also, the STM32 chip turned super hot when I give the power to the crazyflie bolt.

Could anyone help me to recovery it. Thank you so much.

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Re: Only M2 light was on

Post by tobias »

Sorry to hear that but if the STM32 gets super hot there is a big chance it got burnt. With the right tools and skills it can be replaced.
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