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by grains123
Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:29 am
Forum: Support
Topic: PUSH and PULL at same time
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PUSH and PULL at same time

I am somewhat new at programming in Python and was wondering if there is a way to set a socket (port) for PULL and PUSHING at the same time using zmq. I would like to Pull data into a control algorithm and send control data back to the crazyflie. I was trying to do this through the python client, bu...
by grains123
Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:03 am
Forum: Support
Topic: 64-bit client
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64-bit client

I want to write some MATLAB functions to control the crazyflie. TO do thatr I need the MATLAB real time engine wghich requires MATLAB 64-bit. To import matlab I need to link it with PYthon 64-bit. I want to still be able to use the crazyflie client gui to manually test fly tyhe crazty flie. I used m...